The Yale Bulldogs have one of the finest mascots in college sports, and his name is, fittingly, Handsome Dan. As you can probably guess, he’s a bulldog, and he’s a handsome, good boy.

He’s also a hands-on (paws-on?) member of his school’s athletic teams! Many mascots are just there for glorified show-and-tell, but not Handsome Dan. He’s the motivator, the tactician’s ideal assistant coach, truly man’s best friend. Here, he’s barking orders for Yale’s swim team.



10/10 would let @yale’s Handsome Dan bark orders at us 🐾 (via @handsomedanxviii)

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See, that’s the genius of naming your athletics program after bulldogs. You get to have actual bulldogs around! Forget the animals that are supposed to be intimidating, like sharks, or lions. What can you do with a shark or a lion? More. Bulldogs.

Handsome Dan isn’t the only bulldog of the NCAA, however. We’d be remiss if we failed to mention Uga, the mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs. Uga actually had a rather memorable run-in with another college mascot recently — Bevo, an actual Texas longhorn. It... didn’t go great.


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