While the Cincinnati Reds were playing against the New York Mets this week, a sign in the crowd caught Yasiel Puig’s eye, and he made sure to invite this fan on down for a special meet-and-greet.

Before undergoing their 40th surgery for what the sign suggests to be the brain condition hydrocephalus, this fan wanted to meet Puig, and he got to do just that. Posting their photo op to social media later on, Puig shares that he chatted with the fan’s mother to confirm that everything went well with the operation.

It’s always nice to see an athlete such as Puig take a personal investment in the well-being of their fans, considering the impact that a professional athlete is able to have.

Puig is noted for his philanthropy, having started the Wild Horse Children’s Foundation while with the Los Angeles Dodgers to support children and families in undersupported communities. Maybe that’s why fans love him so much!

h/t Twitter/YasielPuig