When Rob Gronkowski announced his decision to retire, it was met with a good amount of doubt from the football world. When he tweeted the eyes emoji — just the eyes emoji — last month, everybody seemed to take it as a sign that he was coming back.

Nope! Gronk does have a new role in football, though, and maybe this is what he was getting at with that mysterious tweet in September. He’s pulling a Tony Romo (or a Jason Witten, if you prefer) and joining the broadcast game, with his debut right around the corner on this week’s Thursday Night Football.

If you’re really inspired, you could point out that Witten also retired in favour of a cushy TV analyst gig, only to return to playing tight end for his former NFL team a year later. Heck, even Romo is still an active pro athlete, albeit in the PGA Tour instead of football.

For now, though, we’ll just look forward to TV Gronk and not worry so much about his potential football return. If anyone’s going to be a fun time on-air, it’s going to be Gronk.

Tom Brady’s on board!

h/t Twitter/RapSheet​