Tuesday night, the Eastern Conference Final shifts back to Washington for Game 3 and Game 4 Thursday night as the Capitals look to possibly close out the series on home ice by winning the next two games.  Capital One Arena will be rocking like never before for both games and before the pivotal third game of the series, fans got some great news in regards to travel.

On weeknights, the Washington D.C. Metro closes at 11:30pm which is obviously a problem for sports fans attending games in the area, especially games that start at 8pm like Game 3 and Game 4 against the Lightning.

Luckily for fans, though, an unlikely country and a couple of companies stepped in to make sure the Metro could stay open later for fans attending the games.

As per The Washington Post, the companies Exelon and Pepco helped pay the $100,000 fee to keep the Metro open an extra hour (12:30am ET) for Tuesday night and the country of Qatar covered that cost to keep the Metro open later Thursday night.

Hats off to those companies and Qatar for the assist to Capitals fans who can now worry less about travel plans and more about the team's upcoming games.

(H/T: The Washington Post)