In Canada, going to the outdoor rinks is one of our most popular social activities. You usually get to the rink, catchup with your buddies, and then hit the ice to engage in some shinny. That’s fun and all, but sometimes, we forget to just keep quiet and enjoy the subtle sounds of the game. This incredible video highlighted them like you’ve probably never seen before.


First of all, having a rink like that in your backyard would be pretty darn cool. Second, the cinematography wasn’t exactly something to ignore either. But lastly, doesn’t listening to those sounds make you appreciate our beloved game even more? Sharp skates cutting through ice, stickhandling a puck through others, and even wiping the snow off of a hockey blade are all underrated parts of hockey.

After watching this video, try going to a local rink by yourself and tune into the subtle sounds, because they truly are beautiful.

(H/T r/Hockey)