When you’re team’s up big, why not take some risks, right? Well actually, maybe some things are just better left never done? Ever?!?!

Quinnipiac’s men’s hockey team found themselves up big over Long Island University and figured they’d have themselves a little fun with their goaltenders. Players are used to changing on the fly, but goalies? They’re supposed to wait until a whistle, aren’t they?! Apparently not, as Quinnipiac proved that rule is just a bunch of baloney. Yes, they actually made a change mid-play and were able to pull it off perfectly.



As if Quinnipiac pulled this off... But why?!?! 😂😂 (Via @espn , H/T Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey Team) ##hockeyday ##hockey ##ontheice ##ncaa

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That’s gotta be some sort of joke. Why?! That’s just flat-out rubbing salt in the wound right there! But, at least there appeared to be a reason for it? Head coach Rand Pecknold wanted his senior to see some time, we just don’t understand why he couldn’t have waited until the next whistle?


The things you see sometimes in hockey games, folks.

(H/T Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey Team)