Most likely, you’re familiar with the story of Keelan Moxley, the 6 year old Washington Capitals fan who had a rollercoaster experience trying to get a puck from Brett Connolly:


After her story went viral, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis offered Moxley and her family glass seats for Game 5. Well, with Game 5 through and over with now, we can confirm: Moxley was there, and she had fun!

In addition to their usual game coverage, the Washington Capitals tweeted out a few moments and pictures from Moxley’s night. She was able to meet Leonsis before the game, and Connolly after:

In the heat of the playoffs, and particularly in the heat of any playoff series that has the added fire of John Tortorella, it can be easy to forget the fan sentiments at play. It’s always nice to see any team take additional time in the midst of a busy playoff operating schedule to show some love to their fan community.

The Capitals wound up winning 4-3 in overtime to push the Colombus Blue Jackets to the brink of elimination, so, hey, a pretty good game to have glass seats for!

h/t Washington Capitals on Twitter