That Game 1 win for the Raptors was a real roller coaster, wasn’t it?

You knew the Warriors were coming in with confidence, and certainly, they’re the team that has been here in the Finals before, but it was the Raptors that led throughout while getting strong performances from almost the entire rotation.

We think this video covers things pretty well. From Golden State fans yelling Warriors in 4 before the game, to the reactions of great performances from Pascal Siakam and Marc Gasol, to Raps fans riding high after the win, this basically recaps the full Game 1 experience on both sides out there.


“Shoot the ball, Gasol! You’re wide open!” Raptors fans might relate a little too much to that one. It was all good in the end, though — 20 points on ten shots, with a pair of three-pointers, is a good night for anyone!

We’re not sure that anything else compares to the real thing, though. After winning Game 1, Raps fans were putting on an absolute rodeo in the streets.


h/t YouTube/ScooterMagruder