That’s pretty much all thanks to two men; Matthew Tkachuk and Zack Kassian.

The two got into it pretty good when multiple Tkachuk runs at Kassian (which have since been deemed legal by the league) sent the Oilers big man into a fist-swinging frenzy. Many have backed his actions, believing there is no room in the game for those kinds of hits, but Kassian was still slapped with a two game suspension nonetheless.

On Monday, Tkachuk doubled down on his decision to “turtle” when Kassian attempted to fight him, and on Tuesday in his first word with the media following suspension, Kassian also doubled down.




@zkass09 is ready to play more “big boy hockey”. 🏒💪

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We’re not sure what is going to happen when the two teams meet on January 29th, but we’re pretty sure there’s going to be fireworks… even if that means it will be Kassian punching a turtling Tkachuk again.




Matthew Tkachuk defends on his decision to turtle against Zack Kassian 👀

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