Zdeno Chara is the biggest man in the National Hockey League at 6’9” tall and he’s been known to rag doll any player who gets in his way, but off the ice, he’s clearly much more peaceful.

Chara took to Instagram today to share a video of him feeding a pigeon. The bird is actually resting on his arm while eating bread out of his hand. The best part of the entire thing though might be the caption he has under the photo. He truly is a friendly giant.


“I like to feed them once in a while. Their trust feels very peaceful. It’s on us how we embrace the trust of any animal. People sometimes misuse it. Shouldn’t we value and enjoy it instead?”

Chara may be peaceful with birds and other animals, but we still don’t recommend you mess with him on the ice. He shows no mercy after lacing ‘em up. Just ask Bryan McCabe.