The relationship between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. One year Mayweather had the Queens rapper take part in his ring entrance, but the next 50 Cent was insulting the boxer's ability to read. The two are now on good terms, but that doesn't mean that 50 Cent is going to pick his friend as a lock to defeat Connor McGregor.


"A puncher's chance." You'll be hearing that phrase quite a bit over the next few weeks, which makes sense, as anyone who is willing to state that McGregor's power as the reason the Irishman will defeat Mayweather has clearly never watched any of the undefeated boxer's 49 fights.

Mayweather has managed to neutralize the power of numerous opponents throughout his career, dodging and countering at will. Still, if one of McGregor's punches does get through, he's got the power to send Mayweather to the mat. Thus...he's got a puncher's chance.