Think it’s safe to say that New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia enjoys Star Wars just a bitttttt too much.

The Yankees taking part in an afternoon matinee against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium and the Vellejo, California native decided to have a little fun ahead of the action in honour of May The 4th (AKA Star Wars day).  It’s an off day for Sabathia so with little-to-nothing to worry about, he decided to go all out in a massive Yoda costume. We’re not even sure if the real Yoda would stand taller than the 6’6 pitcher’s kneecaps!


Looks like a bit of a nightmare… but hey, at least Sabathia was able to get some of his flow back? Even if it was a little straggly and grey! Here’s a bit of a closer look at just how all out Sabathia went for the occasion. From the facepaint to the robes, this one had it all.


Of course, Sabathia was just one of many members of the sports world to showcase their love for the Trilogy. Various teams shared some fantastic content of their own.


Coming off of 3,000 K’s, the 38-year-old is living his best life. Well done Master Sabathia!



May the 4th be with you 🙏

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