Ahead of Game 3, we saw a story circulate about a Predators fan who turned to Craigslist to find someone who would throw a catfish onto the ice for him.

According to The Tennessean, Throwing catfish on the ice is a Predators tradition that goes all the way back to 2003, and we've already seen it during the playoffs this year.

Obviously hockey fans are used to seeing fish thrown on the ice, but we don't think anyone had ever seen a skinned duck thrown on the ice until Tuesday night.

(Warning: Video NSFW due to graphic material)

Yes, a Predators fan actually threw a skinned duck on the ice during Game 3, and the reason for choosing a Duck is obvious (they're facing Anaheim).

Hopefully that logic doesn't carry into the Stanley Cup final if the Preds make it, though, because they'd be facing either the Penguins or the Senators, and hopefully we don't see this again this series.

(H/T: BarSouthNCelly)