In what was supposed to be the start of another exciting season for the Green Bay Packers, the team’s Week 1 performance was anything but.

Playing against a New Orleans Saints team adjusting to the post-Drew Brees era, the Packers could not get anything going. Following an offseason filled with drama surrounding quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the reigning MVP proceeded to throw just 15 completions on 28 attempts, gaining only 133 yards and racking up two interceptions along the way.

How bad? This bad…



Following the game, Rodgers took responsibility for the awful play. He explained that he wasn’t concerned, and that it was just one week, but fully acknowledged that his performance was not going to cut it moving forward.

On Tuesday, Rodgers joined the Pat McAfee show to discuss Week 1. After responding to one of McAfee’s questions about his second interception, Rodgers decided to make one thing clear about the first pick he threw.

Apparently there was more to it than we saw…



Not a single nut shot, a DOUBLE nut shot.

While some may read the tweet and think it’s simply Rodgers making excuses, he does acknowledge that he wasn’t trying to get out of responsibility for the game.

In case you want to take a look at the play yourself, here ya go!



If there’s one thing we’ve seen with Rodgers so far this year, it’s that he’s not watering down anything for anyone. He’s saying exactly what’s on his mind, just as he did in the offseason.

(H/T Pat McAfee Show)