Antonio Brown’s Twitter account over the past couple of months has been… Interesting.

The 31-year-old has basically gone rogue on the app over the past several months, using it to essentially get himself kicked off the Raiders, take shots at Robert Kraft and the new England Patriots, and then apologize to the franchise in what appeared to be a final attempt to get back in the NFL. Brown remains a free agent so with a little extra time on his hands, he’s been more active than ever on his account. So to cause some ruckus, the former Steelers star claimed he’ll be remembered as a legend if he ever leaves the league. Which at this point seems like a not-so-big if.


Some fans agreed, and some fans, well… didn’t.


Brown is currently being investigated by the NFL for numerous sexual assault and rape allegations. The seven-time Pro Bowler seems desperate to return this season, as he made sure to throw in a couple of tweets in during the Patriots’ loss on Sunday night. At this point, however, a return seems unlikely.


So football fans… do you think AB would leave the game a legend?

(H/T AB)