The scariest moment of the 2020 Euros ultimately led to its most beautiful moment that is surely left soccer fans watching the Belgium vs. Denmark game live with goosebumps.

The Danes are without forward Christian Eriksen as a result of the attacking midfielder collapsing in their opening game against Finland and with their best player sidelined for the tournament, they honoured him in a truly special way in their following matchup. At the 10 minute mark, both Denmark and Belgium paused play to honour the 29-year-old. The significance of 10?

It’s the number he rocks on the back of his jersey.


That’s what it’s all about!

According to Denmark’s medical team, “he was gone” before being brought back by defibrillator. Eriksen ultimately regained consciousness and share a post from his own account at the hospital, letting the world know that he’s okay.


An incredibly classy move by both sides. Best of luck to Christian as he continues his recovery!