Fatherโ€™s Day is the perfect opportunity for people to show their appreciation and love for their dad and the other father figures in their life.

Whether you plan something special for the day or surprise them with an awesome gift, thereโ€™s many ways to thank them for everything theyโ€™ve done for you over the years.


Happy #FathersDay!

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As expected, athletes from across North America took to social media on Sunday morning to thank their fathers with heartfelt messages.


Happy Fathers Day !!!

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Happy Father's Day everyone but especially to this guy! Love You Dad! @canucks #fathersday #dad #nhl #canucks

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Well how about starting off Father's Day by waking up the pops at Lil before 8 am on a day he deff wants to sleep in. Ya I deff did that. And for that Richie happy Father's Day hahaha. Special day for the man who did it all for me and my family. Of grinding to not only help with electrical work for the community but having to take me and @g19holland to baseball basketball football whatever sport we could play and do he was there to help Day in and day out. No one pushed us harder or made us want it more. Thanks for being such a great dad and father figure for me and the brother. Lot of great memories and for first time I won't be able to actually see u on Father's Day. Been so spoiled with playing home games in texas and also getting to play catch or hit in the cages with you. Thank you dad for always being so supportive and always being there for me. I love you and appreciate everything you have done. You did and will continue to help me with. You are the real MVP Richie #mydadistheshit #fathersday #whitesoxnation #certifiedg #therichie #memoriesforlife #thankyouforeverything #mydad #mydadsboat

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The day is just getting started, but thereโ€™s already plenty of great messages from athletes to their fathers all across social media.


Happy Fathers Day Love You

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Happy Father's Day, and *watch how you speak on our name you know* Love you Dad! You're the man. #fathersday

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Happy Fatherโ€™s Day to all the hard working fathers out there.