Well that was short-lived.

On Tuesday, the NHL announced that the league will be using pucks without its new imbedded tracking technology. Per Flyers beat writer Sam Carchidi, the decision was made after players expressed concerns about the puck’s performance during the first few days of the season. The technology was initially used during the 2020 playoffs.


Back to the drawing board we guess!

We haven’t heard too many players speak publically about the change but one of the game’s finest definitely took notice and decided to share his take on it. Auston Matthews blamed the pucks on his lack of finish of late and his teammate Jason Spezza definitely noticed something funky with the new rubber, too. Matthews has just one goal through his first four games.


"all messed up." Love it.

Per Commissioner Gary Bettman, The Puck and Player Tracking system can track pucks at a rate of 2,000 times per second in real-time with inch-level accuracy and instantaneously detect passes, shots, and positioning precisely. According to a statement from the league, a new supply of tracking pucks will be soon after appropriate quality control testing.


Hopefully the NHL gets this right soon, and the game’s best goal-scorers can get back on track.

(H/T Kristen Shilton)