Nobody likes to be left hanging when you offer someone a high-five, but it happens on purpose in the NBA more often than you'd think, but only after a technical free throw.

As most basketball fans know, when a player earns a trip to the charity stripe, under normal circumstances his or her teammates and opponents are right there waiting to rebound the ball and give a high-five to the free throw shooter after a make.

Technical free throws are different, though, and there is nobody to high-five after a make.


As you can see, DeMar DeRozan has no problem dapping air after a make, and he did it once again Tuesday night after doing it against the Pelicans earlier this season.



#DeMarDeRozan is high-fiving air again 😂

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Not only is this now a fun little ritual, but basketball fans seem to love it!

Raptors fans also loved the way the team played against the Rockets as they dominated from start to finish for the win.

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