Being able to come up with the most absurd menu item is something that many sports franchises across North America have been trying to do for many years now and every single year a team somewhere comes up with an item that’s more absurd than the last item.  

On Wednesday afternoon, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers earned their spot on a very special list with the unveiling of their latest menu item, the Walby Burger.

The Walby Burger, which is named after former Blue Bombers offensive tackle Chris Walby, comes with enough items to feed an entire family or two. It’s a five-pound burger topped with SIX burger patties, SIX chicken tenders, SIX hot dogs, SIX pieces of bacon, cheese, pickles, onions, tomatoes, secret special sauce and fries, so don’t worry about ordering a side or anything else for the next couple of days.

The Walby Burger will make its debut at Investors Group Field on Thursday night when the Bombers host the BC Lions and will be sold for $45 plus tax.

(H/T Instagram/wpgbluebomberscfl)