With John Tavares in town, some fans and media started speculating about what that might mean with the Leafs captaincy and whether or not it changed the Leafs plans.

At first it started out as a rumour that the Leafs promised Tavares the captaincy in their video presentation, which was then cleared up in his press conference. That didn’t stop fans from continuing to speculate that Auston Matthews might be upset about a possibility of missing out on a captaincy. Now Bobby Orr, who heads up Matthews’ new agency, has shot down those thoughts as well and gave one of the most hockey explanations ever.

Everyone always jokes that hockey players speak only in clichés, but Orr was pretty clear when saying that Matthews is excited about Tavares joining the team and that he’s only concerned with winning.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people, but it should finally put to bed any thought of some kind of rift.