It’s always fun watching two NHL stars drop the gloves with one another, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out so well.

Brad Marchand and Logan Couture were the latest big names to go toe-to-toe and as fans quickly found out, this one just wasn’t meant to be. After Couture laid a dangerous hit on Marchand, the two exchanged shoves before dropping the mitts. They proceeded to hug each other and then… the fight ended. Seriously it was very odd.


Fans had their share of jokes after:


Looking for a bit of a remix? ‘Teal Town USA’ has got you covered. We’ve gotta say, this worked out pretty well.


And then this happened…


Both players were given roughing and misconduct penalties, but Marchand came away with the last laugh in a 5-1 Bruins victory. The B’s will head to San Jose on March 21st so perhaps the two will give it another shot in a few months.

(H/T Pete Blackburn)