The kiss between the winning golfer and their significant other is a staple at pretty much every single major golf tournament. It's a sweet, endearing moment that makes for good television. Well, on Sunday that moment was just a tad awkward at the U.S. Open.

Following Brooks Koepka's impressive victory in the Final Round of the U.S. Open at Erin Mills, the American golfer made his way to the clubhouse, kissing his girlfriend Jena Sims on the way. Unfortunately, Sims' name was not the one that Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck said when the kiss occurred.

So who's Becky Edwards? Edwards is in fact an All-American soccer player who was in fact dating Koepka at one point in time, but not anymore, as she is his ex-girlfriend.  The error was corrected rather quickly and it was clearly an honest mistake, but it did make for a bit of an awkward moment that got folks talking on Twitter.