You can search far and wide across the NBA, but you’re not going to find a tighter duo than Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. Teammates, All-Stars and best friends, those are just a few words you can use to describe the Toronto Raptors duo, and their time together in Toronto had turned their friendship into a brotherhood.

With the holiday season in full swing, Cabbie sat down with Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan ahead of the holidays in ‘A Very Cabbie Christmas’. Cab showed up with a bunch of gifts that keep on giving for the Raptors duo, gets down to the bottom of their public bromance, and even receives a special gift from the Raptors point guard that leaves him at a loss for words. 

The duo didn’t seem too excited about the thought of having to rock a shirt with the other person’s face on it, but that was probably just because that meant they would have to admit to the other person being their #ManCrushEveryday. They can pretend that they’re just work friends all they want, but Raptors fans and basketball fans from all over are never going to believe them.


This is a real friendship , this is a real bother, this is us forreal!!! Words can only explain so much to what this dude means to me so it's not going even matter what i say because words can't explain how important our friendship is to me. Thank you for being you at all time no matter what from DAY1( even though you ain't pass me the ball back when I 1st got to the team😂😂jk) but we've grown as men, fathers , sons, and everything else in the last 4 years and most importantly we've done it TOGETHER!! I could go on and on but I ain't because you soft and might cry when you read it so imma stop now 😂😂. I love you bro that's real talk, no matter what happens ever in life we still gone be brothers!! Happy life day !!!! #youknowyoustillmylilbro #dinneronmebecasueitsyourbirthday #1-3equals4bro😂😂 #SIKE#ineedthemostexpensivemeal #hadtocropoutcuzbigassheadlol #youstilldontpassmetheballenoughlol #brothers#lovebro#COMP10 #donewiththismushystufflol

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My brother!

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Ford commercial. 🚙💨 @demar_derozan new side jobs

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Congrats cuzzin!!! #imolderthanyou#2+1=3 #wannagoforamcflurryrun?? #WeTheNorth

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And they said they’re just work friends…