A large part of the Ducks' success thus far in the playoffs has come down to the play of two savvy veterans: Ryan Getzlaf and Ryan Kesler. This week, Cabbie met up with the two Ducks to see if they cared to impart some of their veteran wisdom on hockey fans (click the link for the full interview). 


There are two things we learned for sure...firstly, Kesler is not afraid to get in real close. Like REAL close.


And second, Getzlaf may not have any hair on his head, but he's sure proud of the hair he has on his face. 


In case you're curious about Cabbie's claim that Getzlaf had a few more hairs on his head the last time they spoke about a Ducks Stanley Cup run, this picture is all the proof you need.

Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals goes Saturday in Anaheim, with both teams looking to take a lead in the series. Looking to see more of  Getzlaf and Kesler with Cabbie? Make sure to check out their chat from 2015 that covered everything from Lululemon pants to Ovi making fun of Getzlaf's bald head.