Guess what everyone?! The BarDown crew is BACK with another quiz. This week’s topic?

NHL contracts.

Today, contracts are much different than the ones awarded back in the day. Players are now earning up to $12.5 million against the cap a year whereas skaters in the 70’s struggled to crack a cool mill. DZ put the boys up to the ultimate challenge with a contract quiz from all eras. We’re talking McDavid, Gretzky, Bobby Hull and many more. If you thought you knew a lot about deals throughout NHL history then think again because we can guarantee that some of these questions will stump you.

So, sit back, relax, and put yourself to the test over the next 18:27 minutes.


There are so many things to take away from the video. First of all; can we all agree Rick Di Pietro hit the jackpot on his contract? Hopefully that man’s agent earned a huge bonus after striking the deal. Second; What on earth is up with that Gretzky contract? That term’s absurd! And third of all;.. Jesse’s outfit. What was up with that?

As if there was any doubt, Corwin snuck his way back into the win column, sticking himself directly in the winner’s circle. Make that two quizzes in a row that Luca’s failed to catch a W!!!!


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