Here at BarDown, we like to give the people what they want. We listen to your suggestions, we make our adjustments, we deliver the most satisfying product that we can.

For whatever reason, you guys REALLY wanted a Part II of the Goal Horns Quiz. So you know what we did? We made one.

We weren’t quite sure what it was about the goal horns that were so popular, but that didn’t stop DZ from making a virtual quiz for Jesse, Corwin, Luca, and returning Goal Horns champ Emilie to partake in!

We’re going to give you a little page space before diving into spoilers, so watch the video and THEN scroll down!








… hello again. Did you enjoy the quiz?

9/10 with only the final boss proving to foil Emilie… What is it with the goal horns?!

We all know that avid music love Emilie is a very auditory person, but this serious flexing of the ears is still impressive nonetheless. More than anything, it’s just satisfying to see Corwin crumble into a comedic role. Jesse’s right, he doesn’t need any sympathy. Kick rocks, bud!