It’s holiday season, so that means Christmas suits, outdoor rinks and any sorts of holiday references are sweeping the sports world right now.

In years past, we’ve seen some teams put together a special Christmas song or soundtrack, like the Chicago Blackhawks did in years past.

Well, now we might have one that one ups that. The Washington Capitals released a special holiday album called “Capitals Tunes: Vo. 2.”

Magnificent, isn't it?

So, which Capitals has the best singing voice, or has a potential musical career lined up following hockey?

We’ll go with Braden Holbty, because his effort was just so exuberant. Alexander Ovechkin is deadly in a duo form, but that’s really only out on the ice. Ovi and Jakub Vrana have good chemistry playing together, but they should just probably stick to playing hockey.

(h/t Capitals)