Over the years we've seen fans of different hockey teams start and carry on traditions of throwing different creatures of the sea on the ice during games.

Predators fans, for example, throw catfish on the ice and fans even find a way to get a catfish on the ice for road games, too.  This tradition became popular and mainstream only recently proving that in this social media day and age, it only takes one time for something like this to become a tradition.

The reason we bring this up is because Saturday night during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, someone threw a crab on the ice.

As per Russian Machine Never Breaks, the last time a Caps fan threw a crab on the ice was during a preseason game in 2011 at Baltimore Arena.

The fan that threw the grab spoke to The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg about why he did it:

“I just wanted to do something that [linked] hockey and Baltimore. I’ve always been a fan of both,” he said. “I don’t feel too much animosity between the two cities. I love the Capitals, I love that it’s a close drive to go down and watch them, and having the best player in the world on the team helps. There’s no real hockey rivalry here, so everybody just kind of goes with the Caps.”

Baltimore doesn't have a hockey team, but is known for its delicious crab dishes and blue crabs.

So, do we have a new tradition on our hands?  Fans certainly hope that's the case.  The crab that was thrown on the ice even has a Twitter account.

The only we'll find out if this becomes a tradition, though, is to see if someone does it for Game 4 Monday night.

(H/T: Washington Capitals)