A football nightmare struck the city of brotherly love on Sunday. When star second-year quarterback Carson Wentz took a heavy hit as he was crossing the goal line, the season that has basically belonged to the Philadelphia Eagles took an even heavier hit. In an instant, Philly went from a Super Bowl favourite to a team hoping for the best out of backup quarterback Nick Foles. Wentz had torn his ACL.

Philadelphia certainly isn’t out of Super Bowl contention, but the loss of Wentz is a significant one. As some star players do when they suffer season-ending injuries, Wentz posted a video ensuring the Eagles’ faithful that he trusts the organization and believe that they can still find success, as well as reaffirming that he will come back stronger than ever.

While the video hurts both the Eagles’ chances at a Super Bowl, and Wentz’s shot at the MVP award he seemed to be front running, the Eagles managed to lock up the NFC East division and sit in a good position to find success in the playoffs.

(H/T Twitter/@cj_wentz)