The Golden State Warriors are off to the NBA Finals for the 5th straight year. Also, water is still wet and last we checked Hell still has yet to freeze over.

The Warriors are ridiculously hard to beat in a playoff series, and only one LeBron-led Cleveland Cavaliers team has managed to do so over the past half-decade. Otherwise, the Warriors are a pretty safe bet to win each year with their current star-studded roster.

To put things into perspective, the Warriors won the Western Conference Finals with pretty much no problem at all. Sure, it took a couple comebacks, but their advancing to the Finals was never really in doubt. They didn’t even have Kevin Durant for those comebacks!

According to Los Angeles Clippers notorious trash-talker Patrick Beverley, the Warriors first round matchup against him and the Clips has proven to be the hardest series for them so far.

This is a weird flex (but ok) for a few reasons.

First of all, is it really worth bragging about that you managed to win two out of six games? Is it REALLY worth the flex?

Secondly… Not even REALLY sure if that is true. One fan summarized it pretty well.



Questionable flex, but Beverley often trash-talks and it’s not always rational. More like, he’ll say anything to ruffle some feathers. Who can argue with a quality like that? He’s pretty darn good at it.

Some fans were on his side, however. Against his wishes, they tweeted him back alongside the detractors to let him know.



(H/T Twitter/Patrick Beverley)