Cristiano Ronaldo has been the star of the World Cup thus far thanks to his incredible heights of success (literally) on the field and his ability to create moments for others off the field.

At a recent practice for Portugal, Ronaldo took the time to talk to a couple of kids at the practice and make their day.



#Ronaldo making these kids’ day 👏 #WorldCup

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Having success on the field is always nice, but being an amazing human being off the field is much more important and it's something people appreciate more.

Those kids will never forget the day they got the chance to have a conversation with arguably the greatest player of all-time and give him a high-five.



This kid standing beside #Messi is loving life right now 😂

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These moments are what sports are all about and if Ronaldo and company can win Portugal's first World Cup, we're sure we'll be seeing more of these moments.