James Harden is no longer on the Houston Rockets, and doesn’t it just feel like…. I don’t know… it’s easier to breathe?

The Harden vs. Houston drama felt like it lasted for just about ever, but on Wednesday we finally (mercifully) found out the next step for The Beard. Harden was dealt to the Brooklyn Nets in a massive four-team blockbuster that altered the landscape of the whole league.

And now the trash-talking ramps up.

Just hours after the deal went through, DeMarcus Cousins spoke to the media about Harden’s antics over recent weeks. He didn’t sugar coat it.

The two teams are scheduled to play each other on March 3rd, and you can bet we’ll be hearing a lot more choice words ahead of that showdown.

Now that Harden is gone from Houston, we’re all in on this drama.