The Pittsburgh Penguins have had quite the celebrity following for quite some time now, with numerous stars sporting their logo in the past, including Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Justin Bieber.

Friday, Justin Bieber randomly chose to remind everyone that Jaden Smith has also rocked a Penguins hat in the past, posting an old photo of the actor on his Instagram account with the caption "Ur adorable Jaden." Why he posted it, we don't know, and quite frankly we don't really care, but leave it to fellow Canadian Drake to show Bieber had to really caption an image like that.


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Forget the name Jaden Smith, as from now on he shall only be known as "Jaromir Swagger." Yeah, it's not a new nickname, as that one has been floating around for years, but it's still one that fits the actor quite well. At least when he's wearing a Pens hat and a mustard yellow leather jacket.