Fortnite has become the hottest game in less than a year and it’s only going to keep on growing. One person in particular who has mastered the game since its release is Tyler Blevins, a professional gamer also known as ‘Ninja’.

He’s not just good at the game, he’s the best as he currently ranks No. 1 in the entire world. Late Wednesday night leading into early Thursday morning, Blevins went live on Twitch and he had some celebrity guests playing along with him.

The man known as Ninja wasn’t just joined by Drake, though, as Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster also joined in on the fun.

Once the game got underway Drake proved that he knows a thing or two about Fortnite, but Smith-Schuster ran into some bad luck and didn't exactly know how to stream on PS4 so he rushed to Best Buy to get the necessary equipment.

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After JuJu grabbed what he needed he let his fellow gamers know he was on his way back and was ready to get started.

(H/T Twitch)