Erik Karlsson is one of the best defenceman in the league, so it’s probably pretty rare that someone tells him he sucks.

The same could probably be said for the Ottawa Senators, who made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Final last season. Still, Adrian Grenier (Vinny Chase from Entourage), took to social media to tell them both that they suck and challenged them to stop sucking. Erik Karlsson then accepted the challenge and passed it on to Oliver Ekman-Larsson, who he says sucks a lot.



Captains shouldn't suck that's why I'm challenging you, @ErikKarlsson65, to #STOPSUCKING!

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What neither of them say in those videos, is that the #StopSucking challenge is actually a social media campaign to stop people around the world from using plastic straws. It is a campaign that asks celebrities and everyone who sees these videos to stop using plastic straws in an effort to maintain the health of oceans around the globe.


Karlsson just spent his honeymoon in Bora Bora, where you can see some of the most beautiful water in the world – so it’s no wonder that he’s feeling especially passionate about saving the waters around us.