If you were a young kid growing up in Canada and played hockey, you dreamt of one day lacing up the skates and skating on an NHL surface. Unfortunately, 99 percent of us never will get that chance.

Instead, we resort to the next best thing: beer league hockey. We all have our stories, from 40-year heroes initiating bench clearing brawls, to late night games that make it hard to wake up in the morning for work – especially when you’re sore from tripping over the blueline.

We could list more of some of the best beer league references that ring true to you, but we’ll leave it up to these folks that know all too well about #BeerLeagueProblems.

We’ll start it off with Frecon AF, who just dropped the “The Beer League Anthem”.

This got us thinking, is this the best beer league song yet? There have been quite a few.

Back in April, when most beer league seasons were just wrapping up, Adam Jensin and Steve Poloni released their own rendition of a beer league anthem, also titled “Beer League Anthem.”


The Wack MC’s put out “Hockey & Drinkin,” which is essentially the same premise, but leans a little more to the drinking side of things.


And last, but certainly not least, Beer League Beauty, who according to her Twitter account, is a “NCAA dropout turned beer league beauty” dropped her own version with the help of Justin Tavano.




There’s even a trailer for a future beer league short film that’s apparently in the works.

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