Hockey’s back.

It feels good to say, and we can’t wait to see it, but we know a whole lot of sacrifices had to be made in order to safely give us back the game we all missed so much.

Remaining NHL teams and their staffs are all currently in two  hub cities, where they’re confined to ‘bubbles’: safe zones with extremely restricted access and exit capabilities in order to ensure everyone inside is COVID-19 free, and hockey can go on as planned.

As great as this all sounds, many fans don’t take the extent to which these players are quarantined into consideration. Players are far from home, and more importantly, far from those closest to them.

Today was Evgeni Malkin’s birthday, and because he’s so far from his family, the Penguins wanted to do something special for him, aside from the fun party it looked like he had.



The team kicked off their meeting today with a birthday hello from his wife and son, who were both in Malkin jerseys.


So. Cute!



We bet this helped make his birthday special, and we hope that the Pens make a deep playoff run make up for missing the day worth it!


(H/T: Penguins)