Earlier in the summer, fans got a good look at the new Adidas NHL jerseys, but now that preseason hockey has finally started, fans have been able to get a good look at the jerseys in action.

For fans that didn't fall in love with their team's new sweater at first sight, seeing players playing in them could change their minds, or it could further confirm their disdain for the jerseys (or certain details of the jerseys).

There's one detail in particular about some of the jerseys that fans have tweeted about over the course of the preseason and it had to do with collars.

The collar looks a little odd to say the least, but some fans really don't like the look.

The Sabres' collar isn't the only one that's creating conversation on Twitter.

Those collars are real thick, but for all those fans that don't like them, give them a chance, it's still early.

(H/T: Paul Lukas @UniWatch)