The Toronto Blue Jays got their guy, but it certainly came at a price.

On Tuesday night, the Jays signed former Astros star (and 2017 World Series MVP) George Springer to a massive six-year, $150 million contact. It’s not a deal Jays fans are accustomed to seeing the team make, given their history of, well, far less lucrative contracts. Toronto isn’t exactly the biggest baseball market, so it’s not surprising that Russell Martin’s five-year, $82 million was the most dough the Jays coughed up prior to bringing in Springer. But jeez… $68 million is A LOT of dough. In fact, the previous two high deals combine is just $12 million more than Springer’s $150 million.


A.J. Burnett… good times.

The Jays very clearly had their eyes set on Springer given they were willing to hand out far more money than the next highest bidder. According to Mark Feinsand, the next highest offer came from the New York Mets in the range of $120-$125 million.


With Springer, Valddy Jr., Teoscar Hernandez, Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio on the roster, the Jays could be dangerous in 2021. Who knows…maybe this signing was meant to be all along?

(H/T Ian Hunter)