It's a wonderful time to be a hockey fan.

The preseason started this past weekend, the regular season is right around the corner and NHL 18 is out now for fans to enjoy.

The latest instalment in the EA NHL franchise is incredible, but like all video games, it features some funny and highly entertaining glitches.  Here are two of the best we've seen since the game came out:

Celebrating on the Net

Yes, this is the Canucks' mascot celebrating scoring a goal by jumping on the net, something we're 100% sure is impossible, but still amazing.

Friendly Fire


No. 85 just wanted to score really, really badly, which is ironic because he ended up passing the puck once he got control of it.

If you've got a fun NHL 18 glitch you want to share, tweet us @BarDown and we'll add it to this post!  Happy Gaming everyone.