Music is a unique way for just about anyone to express themselves and share how they or a lot of people are feeling.

The general feeling among Leafs fans this season has been hope, but before this season, it was disappointment.

For just the second time since the 2003-04, the Leafs could find themselves in the playoffs, but what they're building under Lou Lamoriello, Brendan Shanahan and Mike Babcock is more about the future than the playoffs this season.

It's about getting the Leafs franchise back to its rightful place among the game's great franchises, and they're on the right path to accomplishing this goal.

If there's one song fans can use as an anthem as the postseason draws near, it's this one by Azeem Haq featuring Dudsymil titled 'Go Leafs Go.'  Take a listen:

Fans are probably familiar with Azeem Haq from his 'Let's Go Raptors' anthems which come out every time the team makes the postseason.


We have to admit, we're pumped to say the least after listening to that anthem, but be sure to watch the music video on YouTube here.


What makes the anthem from Azeem even better is that all the proceeds from the song are going to be donated to the MLSE Foundation.

The catchy song is going towards the perfect cause, and it's something Leafs fans can rally around as we get close to the playoffs and the 'one versus all' mentality kicks in.

Again, be sure to check out the song on YouTube and follow Azeem for more incredible sports related songs.