Happy Playoff season to all who celebrate and this year we’ll be vlogging during the Playoffs. For our first playoff vlog, we have Jesse in Vegas at T-Mobile Arena cheering on the Jets on the road. We also Corwin and Marissa inside the building at Scotiabank Arena and Rizki and Patrick outside in Maple Leaf Square for the Leafs’ first game against the Bolts!  

The pregame was great with Jesse being astonished by the Knights’ light show and Corwin just casually running into former Maple Leafs’ defenceman, Rasmus Sandin. It was at this point the squad’s nights went in two drastically different directions while the Jets were winning on the road the Leafs were… not. And if the Leafs’ being down 3-0 at home wasn’t chaotic enough, enter Marissa. Risser decided to buy a single ticket after the first and head inside Scotiabank Arena, hopeful for a Leafs’ comeback and we all know how that went. 

That was just the beginning, watch the rest of the BarDownski’s night here: 

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