Some poor high school golfer was on the receiving end of a goose attack, and we desperately wish there was video of this incident, but no doubt, you can live vicariously through these photos. For this, we have to thank the photographer that decided to sit back, have a laugh and take some photos instead of offering assistance.

Folks, we have a confirmed flip:

Nature is a wonder. Golf, unfortunately, is one of very few sports that have a field of play open enough for animals to slip in undetected and interfere with the game at hand. Hence: Goose attacks golfer.

According to the Blissfield Athletics Twitter account, there was actually a goose nest just off the fairway, and while there was a conscious effort made to avoid disrupting the geese, one lone wolf lashed out:

Physically, the golfer is just fine!

Just another day from the intersection of sport and wildlife. People are clamoring for more of this good content! Open the floodgates, we say. The NHL should embrace its outdoor games and turn the Winter Classic into the Shinny Classic. And why can’t the MLS be played in a dog park?

Ahh, maybe that’s just... a wild goose chase. Thanks for reading.

h/t Blissfield Athletics on Twitter