Gregg Popovich has become one of the more popular head coaches in sports for outspokenness on a variety of different topics. Whether its politics, basketball, or life in general, Popovich is a quote machine and always has something interesting to opine on.

He also doesn’t mind getting testy with reporters whom ask silly or obvious questions, and isn’t one to hold back his candid thoughts if he feels the need to set the record straight.

As prickly as Popovich can be at times, the Spurs head coach of 22 seasons is a player’s coach, and was voted by the players and NBA Players Association as the recipient for the 2017 Players Voice Award for Coach You’d Most Like to Play For.

On Friday night, Popovich and the Spurs lost to the Orlando Magic, but the head coach was still in good spirits, as he snuck up on who he thought was his former player Jonathon Simmons, but was actually former Raptors guard Terrence Ross. Popovich, oblivious to the fact that it wasn't Simmons, didn't hold back as he realized that he had the wrong player.


Pop out here putting people in headlocks 😂

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Simmons, not Ross, poured in 17 minutes against his former club. Based on that video, you can see the popularity and why so many players enjoy the lighter side of the five-time NBA Champion and three-time NBA Coach of the Year.

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