When players retire, it's natural for fans to wonder what they're up to.

After leading the Ottawa REDBLACKS to a Grey Cup victory in one of the greatest games of all-time last year, Henry Burris called it quits.

Instead of getting out of the spotlight, though, Burris stepped right back into it.

Now on the other side of the microphone, Burris has ventured into the media world, and this past weekend, the CFL legend got to go to Ottawa ComicCon.

Among the many incredible sights at the event were the Daleks from the hit show 'Doctor Who,' and Burris got up close and personal with one.


Not only did Burris have a chance to be around the Daleks, but he also turned into one and got to try one out.

You can just tell how much Burris loved the whole experience.  If you didn't know the Grey Cup champ was a big 'Doctor Who' fan, now you know.

(H/T: CTV Morning Live Ottawa)