The NHL was able to pull off a couple of outdoor games this weekend and all fans can think about is… where’s the next one going to be?!

Lake Tahoe served as this year’s destination and even with no fans in the stands, everyone seemed to be quite pleased with the result. Sure, Saturday’s matinee between the Avs and Gold Knights turned into a midnight showdown after the rink got a bit soupy but Sunday’s game between the Bruins and Flyers turned out just find and the view was straight up spectacular.

So, this got us thinking; where else should games be played? We asked out followers across our social media channels and we recreated four of the most popular answers. Two are from Canada and two are from the States, and we can assure you they would all look beautiful if they came to be. Just look at these ODRs!!!!


Wow. Imagine a game in Central Park?! The drone footage?! JUST THINK ABOUT THE DRONE FOOTAGE! As for the games over the weekend…. We wouldn’t mind seeing another one at Lake Tahoe either.


So, you need to pick a location for the next game… where are you choosing? And should fans even be allowed to attend?!