John Scott reached a new level of fame a couple years ago when he became the All-Star Game MVP in the NHL, and part of what made him so popular was that he seems very down to earth.

When any fan of the NHL looked at John Scott, he became relatable and became someone to root for.

Now he even has a movie in the works, but he’s still just a regular guy from Edmonton. He eventually attended Governor Simcoe Secondary School in St. Catherines and his high school yearbook is just like any other kid’s…extremely hard to understand.

Cleaning out a box, found an old yearbook, couple years late but it's the offseason so fuuuuuck it

Scott is like any kid in highschool, where the entirety of his time is basically spent accumulating inside joke after inside joke. We may not understand what any of it means, but it’s always funny to see a snapshot from someone’s past.

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