You’ve probably heard the name Jo(h)n Gruden before, Just not in the NHL.

The current Oakland Raiders head coach made a name for himself earlier in his career as the head coach of the Super Bowl winning 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, before eventually making his way to the broadcasting booth for Monday night football. Now, the 54-year-old is back coaching in pro sports but this time he’s not the only one.

Yesterday, the New York Islanders named John Gruden of the OHL their new assistant coach. Gruden served as the bench boss for the Hamilton Bulldogs, who he captured the J. Ross Robertson Cup with last season. He’ll now join new head coach Barry Trotz in New York.


“Wait… I’ve heard this name before?!”

Fans were full of jokes and the Twitter thread included a whole lot of football content. The Raiders even got in on the action!


Well, those were obviously coming.

The H in New York's Gruden is a minor way to separate the two, but we have a feeling the Islanders’ new staff member will be hearing jokes about the NFL’s Jon Gruden for a long, long time in the NHL.

At least he doesn’t look like Chuckie from Child’s Play.


(H/T New York Islanders)