It’s basically Christmas if you’re a Seattle Kraken fan, and you can’t wait to see what appears under the Christmas tree tomorrow. Ron Francis is Santa. Okay, that’s enough of that reference.

Seattle is preparing to announce their first ever roster through Wednesday’s expansion draft, and already the rumours and stories are swirling all over the place. While many fans and experts believe that Carey Price – although unprotected – will not be selected by the Kraken, Montreal fans still aren’t feeling to comfortable just yet.

Carey Price’s wife Angela may have added to the anxiety a little bit when she shared out a lengthy caption about the Price family’s plan during expansion hours:



Okaaaaaay, so Kelowna… is in B.C., and Seattle is right below B.C. in Washington State…

*Quickly Googles how long a drive it is between Kelowna and Seattle*

So it’s approximately a 5.5 hour drive, and some hockey fans took this as a sign that Price was going to be announced as a member of the Kraken. This is definitely an overreaction, seeing as there is basically no way Angela would share an actual plan like that to her Instagram. If you’re solely basing it on her Instagram, even she told Montreal fans not to worry and that it will all make sense soon.

She ALSO followed up her post with an Instagram Story, explaining that the family they are seeing live in the Tri-Cities, over a three-hour drive away from Seattle and where she has family.



On top of all that, sources are telling TSN Hockey insider Pierre LeBrun that Price is not the Kraken's pick.



For some, it was too late. The conclusions had already been jumped to!